Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The good life

An almost tangible sense of springtime hangs over Adelaide today. It's not going to last - there's plenty of rain forecast for the next week, with cold temperatures to boot. Still, I'll do my best to make proverbial hay while the sun shines. I will spend as much time as I can in the garden this afternoon. Our vegetable patches need work, and we need to get it done before planting our spring vegetables. The silverbeet, spinach, broad beans, herbs and chillies are thriving, but it is time to think about our spring and summer crops. In order to get to pleasantries of planting seedlings and watching them grow, we first have to shovel piles of soil, shift railway sleepers, and try not to swear while doing it. Still, it will all be worth it when I am tucking into my ripe tomatoes around Christmas time.
Growing, cooking and eating your own fruit and vegetables, on whatever scale, is a good thing.


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