Monday, August 2, 2010

My old house.

We caught a bus out to Borrowash on Monday to see if I could locate my old house - my last home in England - on Kimberley Road. I'd managed to track down the name of the boy who lived next door way back then; to say he was surprised to receive my call is an understatement. But he was very happy to provide me with the number of his old house, which obviously helped me work out mine. Both my parents were unsure.
We weren't there long, but the two of us enjoyed a nice 45-minute walk along the street, stopping out the front to take a few snaps, hoping not to alarm any residents. I allowed myself to spend a few moments thinking about what my life might have been like, had we not emigrated. Not that it matters... The sun was shining, and it was all very pleasant.

Another chapter of my personal Who Do You Think You Are? has been finalised.

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