Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dancing in the dark

After an industrious day that combined looking in furniture shops (my idea of hell on earth), food shopping and domestic chores, we were more than ready to spend our rainy Friday night curled up in front of the telly. We'd poured the wine, turned the heater on, and cued up David Lean's 1962 classic, Lawrence of Arabia. I hadn't seen it in years and was looking forward to it greatly.
We were 7.35 into the 220 minute epic when the power went off. The house was plunged into darkness and silence.
Via mobile phone, we ascertained that the power would be off until 11.00, so that was the Friday night film over and done with then.
We lit candles, turned as many things off as we could remember having turned on, and listened some very pleasant classical music via my transistor radio. It was actually a nice change.
After an hour or so I took a candle and went into another room. I picked up my 12-string and knocked out a few covers before working on a new David Robinson song. I played it over and over again, each time bedding it down a little more. Presently it sounds a bit too much like someone else (I won't say who) so I'll need to work it a bit. It's called I Never Noticed. Keep an ear out for it.

Every cloud...

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