Friday, November 12, 2010

Frank Zappa is alive and well and living inside my head.

I went to The Gov last night to watch Läther, Adelaide's occasional Frank Zappa cover band. I'd had a fair-sized day at the cricket, and it proved to be the perfect entree for an evening of Zappa-esque cerebral madness.
I bowled up to the front bar for a few preparatory ales, then my mates and I headed into the gig. What fun! The band mambers were proper musicians - you have to be if you are attempting to play Frank - and the music was groovy.
The two sets offered music for all Zappa fans, the hard core and the casual. Not too many of the singalong classics, but some brilliant versions of lesser known (but more important) works nonetheless.
This wasn't as big a deal as seeing Zappa Plays Zappa (no Dweezil for starters), but it was still pretty awesome.

These guys should play more often.

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