Thursday, November 18, 2010

Such is life.

Alone on the stage,
I played three of my more serious songs.
Songs that describe how I feel
About the absurdity of existence.
People were kind
But soon found their way back to their conversations and drinks.
Better things to do.
Later on
I was asked to play a couple more.
I chose two novelty songs I'd written.
People hung on my every word.
Should I be happy
Or disappointed?

In other news:
The gentleman who took the stage directly after me performed It's All Over Now and Walking the Dog. A very tidy player. It turned out that he was Bob Metzger, Leonard Cohen's guitarist, who just happened to hear the music and wander in. Tidy player, indeed...
Hello, Bob Metzger, nice to meet you. Small world isn't it? See you tonight!

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