Thursday, July 7, 2011

A good day

Some days, everything falls into place.

This morning, the radio shattered my pre-dawn escapism as per usual, and I rose and went about preparing myself for workaday drudgery. At least it was my half-day.
I'd forgotten that we had planned to drive to work, so I walked in without thinking. Nice one David.
I left work at lunchtime, and when I got home I went online and registered my Honda before taking it for a very short ride to fill up the tank. Despite the fact that it was only a couple of kilometres (the real ride will come on the weekend), it felt great to be back on my motor bike. It has been getting fixed up over the last 12 months and has only recently found its way back to my house.
As soon as I got home and flipped the bike up onto its stand, a parcel van arrived. Very timely indeed - it was my Fender Telecaster that I'd recently purchased from Austin, Texas. Welcome to your new life, you little beauty!
I also discovered that I'd successfully bid on a guitar effects rack. I'd made a very skinny bid expecting it to be bested but it turned out to be sufficient. What luck!

Just when I was thinking that the day couldn't get much better, the sun came out.

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