Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Writer's cramp

It's been a productive few weeks for David Robinson, boy reporter. Writing takes time and energy, and the pay-off moments are often few and far between. It is most pleasurable, then, to find oneself in the midst of something of a purple patch.
In the last month or so I have written and submitted mountain biking pieces for Cycle magazine and the nationally distributed Australian Cyclist. The articles focus on my latest Mawson Trail odyssey and my usual Sunday morning ride respectively. Hopefully both will see the light of day soon.
I have also had music-flavoured articles published in SCALA News, Infolkus, and Trad & Now. This is the first time I've appeared in Infolkus and Trad & Now, so I was pretty happy to see my name in their pages.
Hopefully this trend will continue. It makes me happy.


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