Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Winter's Tale

Tuesday night. The Metropolitan Hotel is relatively empty as I walk in, escaping the chilly evening air. The true believers are there, and no doubt the place will fill up once things get underway. Although, it is a cold winter's night and I understand why folks may choose to stay at home.
I have a decent chat with a few people; there are advantages when the evening is a little more relaxed than usual. We talk about guitars, life, and other absurd concepts.
I play a few songs. I've been trying to showcase a bunch of different songs at recent gigs - covers, really old songs, and a few new ones. It all helps to broaden my repertoire. Tonight I give myself a night off and play six of my more familiar numbers. Just for fun.

Catching the bus home on a cold but fine winter's night in deserted Adelaide carries with it a sense of romance. For a few minutes I am 17 again.

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