Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lower Lakes: Day Six - Cloudy but fine.

A different, but very enjoyable day. I awoke, once again, to the sound of my noisy neighbours sharing pre-dawn inanities at high volume. I figured I might as well get up. The planned ride was a loop; a 60 kilometre jaunt up through Mount Compass. It was overcast but it wasn't cold. We worked pretty hard to get out of town and onto some open road. The traffic was busy, without posing any real danger, all the way until we reached the Mt Compass turnoff. From there, it was a very pleasant ride in to morning tea, apart from one lunatic in a chicken truck.
We had a decent length tea break before setting off for home. We zipped down the main Victor Harbor Road before turning left for Goolwa. It was a pretty straightforward trip; the only novelty was the crippling climb up and over the hill on Flagstaff Hill Road. I made it with no gears to spare. Someone told me later that it was a 14% incline, which explains the pain. Coming down was a thrill. I got to 72 kmh - not bad for a mountainbike with knobbly tyres!
We rode back along the coast and arrived at camp before noon.
In the afternoon we visited both pubs and also went down to the brewery to sample their beers. We eventually settled into the balcony of the footy club where we watched the rain come in. Pizza seemed like a good idea for tea.

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