Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lower Lakes: Day Nine - Riders in the mist...

I emerged from my tent at the irrationally early time of 5.55. Although the sun wasn't up, I could tell that I was walking around in a very thick mist. It wasn't cold, but it was foggy. Extremely foggy.
The sun rose, its disc as easily discernible as a full moon due to the filtering of the thick atmosphere, and I admired the spectacle as I drank my first cup of tea for the day.
Because of my early start, and that of the others, we left camp just before 7.30.
It was a great ride, one of the best of the trip. We headed north, through the mist, and I was glad I had my lights on. It got a little lighter, and a little warmer, once we'd got to our turnaround point not far from Mannum. It was a lovely drop into town, and shortly after our tea break we boarded the ferry and crossed the beautiful River Murray.
We followed Burdell Road just about all the way down to Murray Bridge, climbing and cruising in equal parts. The sun came out, the wind stayed away, and the views to the west were nothing short of superb. It was a shame it had to end.
We crossed the bridge into Murray Bridge and completed our tour, where it began, at Sturt Reserve. It was handshakes, farewells and lunches before we packed up and headed back to Adelaide.
A great ride, but lovely to be home too!

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