Friday, October 21, 2011

Lower Lakes: Day Seven - Wet Feet

Friday. The seventh day of the tour, and probably the coolest conditions yet. It wasn't cold, far from it, but it was overcast and threatening to rain. We left Goolwa, and spent the bulk of the first 40 kilometres climbing in the drizzle. It was a fun ride though, just a shame the scenery wasn't visible because of the mist. We had a fairly serious climb up and over a hill as we approached Meadows, and once we'd descended into town we learned we had to turn around and climb out again.
The last 15 kilometres was a much faster affair. The rain stopped, visibility improved, and there was a lot more downhill to enjoy.
We made Strathalbyn pretty early, enjoyed lunch, then I had a couple of pints at the Terminus while I caught up on a few things. On the way back to camp I visited the second-hand book shop and the newsagent. I found a 10-movie blaxploitation DVD set that set me back $4.95. Win!
The rain stayed away in the afternoon, raising hopes for dry shoes in the morning.

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