Monday, October 17, 2011

Lower Lakes: Day Three - Much Better...

A much more enjoyable day. We got up late, broke our fast in a most leisurely manner, and hit the road at 8.30. The only downer was that my rear tyre was flat, and was showing some real signs of fatigue. Bulging, perishing etc. I knew the tyre was old, but I hadn't noticed this degree of damage previously. I pumped up the tube and decided to ride my luck, as well as my bike. Please, please, please, no blowouts.
The wind had, unsurprisingly, turned around on itself so we rode back up the Princes Highway into a delightful northerly. At least it wasn't as strong as the previous two days.
Once we tuned the corner and headed west, things improved considerably. We circumnavigated Lake Albert at a good speed, the wind behaved itself, and the sun shone. It reminded me why I ride my bike. Beautiful scenery, lovely blue-sky weather, and a fast ride. We got back to camp reasonably early in the afternoon, around 1.30. I had to switch my tyres and tubes, but after that it was time for a few beers, firstly at the cheese factory, then at the footy club.

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