Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Annual Tour Day Eight - Back on the Mawson

Once again, Ray and I hit the Mawson for some off-road hi-jinks. The Kapunda-Tanunda journey is picturesque, and there's some good riding to be had. I think it was the first time on the tour that we stopped specifically to take photographs.
We overshot a turn towards the end of the trail (still not sure how - all the markers were clearly visible), but even with the detour we were still sitting in Nuriootpa enjoying a coffee and a finger bun at 9.30. It was far to early to end the day's riding, so we planned a route out of town, onto some dirt, and then back onto the Mawson towards Rowland Flat. We passed a few Annual Tour riders on the bitumen heading out; I think they must have thought we were lost or heading the wrong way. I suspect we confused more than a couple of them.
It was a stonking good ride. The dirt was a great workout and, once again, the scenery was beautiful.
Just before we got back to the highway, I clocked 60 kph on one of the downhills. Nice.
The ride back into Tanunda was uphill, and into the strong wind. Traffic, magpies, and a bumpy shoulder. Not much fun, but a necessary evil. We managed to get to camp in time for lunch without too many dramas.

Chateau Tanunda played host to the tour; lunch and dinner were appropriately salubrious.


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