Thursday, September 20, 2012

Annual Tour Day Three - There's No Town Like Snowtown

I'd slept really well so I was about as fresh as I could be for Day Three.
I rose, washed, packed and ate with an almost ruthless efficiency. I was expecting a pretty tough day, which was likely to compound my feelings of soreness.
It was a cool, cloudy day which probably suited us for the early push out to morning tea. The leg to lunch at Bute was pretty flat, and pretty fast.
As it turned out, the main part of the day was more of a solid grind than a series of punishing climbs. Which probably suited me. After a couple of hours of gradual climbing it was a great relief to hit the ten per cent descent into Snowtown. Have I ever mentioned that I love downhills?
We camped at the school, and walked into town.
Sherrilee and Flash the dog greeted us as we walked into the hotel.
As I replenished my lost fluids I gazed out of the window. Even in a sleepy town, gaxing out of the window is a better option than watching Days of our Lives on the big-screen TV. I could see two people performing some kind of 'show', larking about in a barrel in front of that building. Not sure if they were locals or blow-ins. They probably thought they were being cutting-edge and funny, but it just looked boring and more than a little sad.
Dinner was one of those lovely community affairs, held in the Town Hall. The food, drink and friendship were all top-notch. Thank you, good folk of Snowtown.
We walked back to camp under one of those moonless, starry, country skies that never fails to remind me of my insignificance. Truly beautiful.
Despite the cool night, I slept well.

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