Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mawson: Day 11 - Quorn

I'd slept horribly. Dreams filled with frustration and anxiety, cold, half awake... Something I could have done without. I packed and had breakfast in a bit of a daze, and the haze continued through the first section of the morning's ride. Luckily it was pretty fast and flat. I seemed to wake up a little on the next stage, and three of us rode pretty well over the hills to lunch. Richman Gap wasn't half as daunting as I remembered; maybe I am a better rider this time around. We rode into Quorn via the most fantastic downhill, on the other side of the gap, arriving around lunchtime. My day had improved significantly as the hours passed. I think (hope) that my cold may be on the way out of my system. Here's hoping.


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