Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mawson: Day Two - Happy in Tanunda

Most importantly, I slept really well. Warm and comfortable. Up early, and my morning routine worked a treat. Cup of tea, listen to The Clash, pack up. Breakfast was brief, and adequate. The ride was a good one, but it was its usual slog in parts. Overcast, occasionally drizzly, but OK. I was a little tired in the legs but managed to punch on through without too much trouble. Lunch at Steingarten was welcomed, as was the breathtaking downhill that followed. We made it into camp, quite early at 1.20, and set about the usual tasks. Ray and I wandered into town and had a couple of beers in two of Tanunda's pubs. Dinner was at Chateau Tanunda, which is where I am now. Bring on the food!

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