Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mawson: Day 12 - The longest day

A really good ride. We woke up in the rain; at least it wasn't cold. Baked beans for breakfast and we left camp after most had set sail for Hawker. We rode like trains for most of the day. It was the fastest I've ever done this leg. There were a couple of stretches into the wind around Simmonston, and we also had the lung-bursting climb at Yarrah Vale Gorge, but the wind was at our back for most of the journey. Even though it is the longest day of the odyssey, it is probably my favourite. We arrived in Hawker on the coat tails of the first two riders to get in; very satisfying. Despite the snot, my headcold has almost disappeared. Two days left, and big ones at that. Let's do it.

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