Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day One

OK. It's for real. I'm on leave, and for a fair chunk of time too.
For the next few months my house is the centre of my universe.
Plenty to do. The vegetable garden needs preparing for the winter planting. I need to record some demos for songwriting competitions, and pretty quickly. Which probably means that I should write some more songs. I must finish reading Ulysses before Bloomsday. There are concert and album reviews to complete and send off. Cooking, yeah cooking. Loads of time to spend in the kitchen. The weights bench is calling me and there's an old Vespa that needs a good ride. And I haven't watched Apocalypse Now in years.
My brain is fizzing...
It is a perfect autumn day. Sunny, calm and blue. The birds are singing. I suspect I'll be outside for a while. And why not?

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