Saturday, May 15, 2010

Musical notes

With more time on my hands I am slowly orienting myself towards making music. I am still spending too much time grappling with the seemingly endless range of tasks around the house, but I think I am really just attempting to clear the decks (and my mind) so I can concentrate on music.
I have completed one new song, Wish I Was You - my first new piece since Shining Light, which came into being last August. That's far too long between songs, but not as bad as I have been in recent years. Something to improve on.
The open mic circuit has kept me honest in terms of performance. Once or twice a week it has been a great joy to take the stage and present some of my songs. I have some full length performances planned for the next couple of months, including a SCALA gig on 10 June.
I have received a set of lyrics for a potential collaboration. It's not something I do often, but the discipline might be healthy. We'll see how it goes.
A friend of mine has joined me in knocking out a few covers on our guitars; I generally only play originals but from time to time it's good fun to belt out some old faves. Probably healthy too. Apart from the beer.
My blues excursion has stalled a bit. Lindsay have done a couple of songs on stage recently but we are definitely overdue for a rehearsal, and some new additions to the setlist.
Songwriters Workshops and SCALA meetings come and go; they take up quite a bit of time in terms of organisation. I hope that people find the workshops valuable. It appears that they do.
The local newsagent has a basket of older magazines available at heavily discounted prices. I find guitar mags in there for about a third of their normal cost. Guitar mags are horribly overpriced so I generally avoid them, but getting three for the price of one is pretty good. There's always something useful in them, whether it be new styles, new chord structures, or simply a good article on a favourite guitarist... and it all provides a degree of inspiration.
As autumn turns to winter, and the days get colder and darker, I'm sure I'll be spending more and more time with a guitar around my neck. Rock on.

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