Sunday, May 30, 2010

Unchained malady

After a fairly easygoing Thursday, it was entirely appropriate that I put a bit of effort into my weekend. Unfortunately I woke up on Friday in no small amount of pain. I'd done something mysterious to my hip and anything more than standing and walking represented a huge challenge. Just getting my right sock on was an exercise in agony, although it probably would have looked hilarious to anyone (un)fortunate enough to see me rolling around on the bed, like a fish out of water, yelping with pain. And all for a sock!
Still, time waits for Norman and, my name being David, I couldn't afford to let the grass grow under my feet. Excessive physical labour was out of the question, so it was a few days of writing articles and reviews, developing a set of 100 quiz questions (that's another story), doing some music administration, and playing FIFA Football. Oh, and there was the small matter of watching three hours of the Premier League Darts Final on Friday.
Given that I could stand OK, I did manage to do a bit of cooking and a few house/garden chores. I have cleaned up the music room; June stands a very good chance of being a musical month. Shabby Road Studio is ready to go!
My copy of the new album from Andy White (that's him, on the left) arrived, so at least my standing around was accompanied by some mighty fine music.
I am pleased to report that my hip is much better today, and that I hope to be stretching and crouching with the best of them, come tomorrow. We shall see.

Oh, and RIP Dennis Hopper. What a ride...

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