Monday, May 17, 2010

The Young Ones

I have been watching The Young Ones on ABC2 over the course of its current run. I mainly tuned in because I wanted to see if these versions would be uncut. There have been numerous changes, for either music license or pathetic sanitisation reasons, to some of the DVD releases. I am happy to report that these current broadcasts seemed to have been spared the Nanny State's butcher knife.
Anyhow, that's all an aside. Despite the fact that I watched the show to death when it came out, I can honestly say that these 12 episodes are as good a comedy show as anyone, anywhere, will ever see.

Well done to all!

And please guys, resist any urges to try and recapture the magic. The last thing I want to see is a 30-year reunion. Especially you, Elton, because you've been found wanting ever since.

It's great, but it's gone.

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