Friday, May 21, 2010

Talking about the weather, who says it's boring?

In a little over two weeks it will be winter. The days will be short, skies grey, the wind will bite, and the rain will surely come. Adelaide will become increasingly more miserable, and its denizens will follow suit.
Right now, that's hard to believe, given the glorious weather I have been enjoying for just about the entire duration of my leave. Blue skies, sunshine and birdsong. I go walking most mornings, sometimes with the dog, sometimes solo, and it is impossible to put into words the joy and goodwill that is almost palpable as I pound the pavement.
Leaves are turning various shades of orange and dropping to the ground, but that only adds to the autumnal glory. The grass is often damp underfoot in the early part of the day. The nights are getting cold, and the heater has become a regular, and welcome, evening guest. It is usually about six degrees when I get up in the morning. All of this is quite acceptable when the days are so magnificent.
I know the cold, bleak days aren't far away, but I am making the most of this. Sitting under the front verandah in the afternoon sun, accompanied by a glass of wine and a good book, I watch the honeyeaters dance around the feed trays and the birdbath.
I think they, too, are enjoying this weather.

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