Friday, June 11, 2010

Higher Ground

Last night's SCALA performance event was jolly good fun. I had a groovy time, both on stage and, once I'd finished warbling, as an interested punter. I played some old favourites of mine, as well as a couple of new songs, and I was happy with the way they turned out. I am hopeful that others enjoyed my performance. No-one threw anything at me - always an encouraging sign. I dealt with some interesting sound issues, the late arrival of friends, and some (perhaps) well-intentioned but nevertheless unexpected jibes without flinching.
It was very pleasant to kick back after my show and shoot the breeze with friends and acquaintances, discussing all manner of things. Topics ranged from mod-revival bands to football to Kerouac, and all things in-between.
The crowd swelled gently as the evening progressed, as I looked around I could see bald-headed babies and grey-headed grandparents amongst the happy audience. Truly wonderful. Sharing the bill with Courtney Robb, Cal Williams Jr and The Tangerines was a privilege. I can't believe more people don't make the effort to get out of the house, even on evenings when I'm not playing ;)
Higher Ground has the potential to be the venue for arty-types; I just hope that support continues to grow. It's a cool and friendly place, pretty unkempt but not in an affected way.
I can't wait to play there again.

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