Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Suburban boy

Weekdays in the suburbs; no pretenders, no nonsense, no mediocrity, no idiots. No backstabbing, no whining, no sucking up. Not in my world, anyway...
With five weeks under my belt I am happy to say that things are just about as I hoped they would be. Most of the catch-up tasks have been completed, and now it is simply a case of splitting my time between day-to-day jobs and the more significant projects, like writing & recording music, planning our overseas trip, and staying fit. Plus a measure of reckless enjoyment. All work and no play, etc etc.
I doubt that I will finish reading Ulysses by Bloomsday, but that's quite OK. I am making progress. Some of our storage issues may take a little longer than expected - that's what I get for having so much stuff, and never throwing things away. The winter vegetable garden isn't booming but, after all, it's winter.
I've felt a bit bashed up physically over the last week; sore elbow, bad hip, and an old soccer injury in my left ankle is making itself known, but that hasn't stopped me from walking into the city a couple of times, going for a weekend bushwalk, and regular (freezing) early-morning stints on the bike (sitting stationary on its rollers).
Open mic tonight, and a gig on Thursday.
Most things are moving in the right direction. Long may it continue.


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