Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shabby Road

Things, to use the technical term, appear to be moving in the right direction.
I had a good night at The Metro last night, groovy music and pleasant conversation, and that only fired me up for some more sonic adventurism upon awakening this morning.
With each step of today's recording I learned a great deal more about Cubase, and how to make it work for me. I'm sure that I am putting square pegs into round holes to some extent, but I still think I'm winning.
The cordless headphones are a bonus, and the little Vox, the drum machine (eek!) and the microphone have all proved worthy. The guitars are behaving themselves. The Maton is, well, a Maton.
The guide drum beats are down, some of the initial 12-string guide tracks are complete, as are a couple of guide vocals. And I have learned plenty.
The best thing about today is that I now really believe that not only will I get these songs recorded, but I will have fun doing it!

Rock and roll!

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