Thursday, June 3, 2010


Our little garden seems to be very popular with the local bird life. Over the years we have gotten very used to sharing our space with the various introduced and native species that come to visit. We have put different types of feeders, and a birdbath, around the place to help attract our flying friends. I often sit out the front waiting for the arrival of honeyeaters, who are fond of the sweetened water left out for them. Presently, the red wattlebirds seem to have gone on holiday. There's not many about. I expect this is a part of their hitherto unnoticed (by me) migration pattern. The same goes for the noisy miners, white-plumed honeyeaters and the newhollands. They all seem to be somewhere else. I guess they will be back to their noisy best in the springtime. I haven't seen a house sparrow for a while either...
The magpie larks are the current rulers of the garden - they are great to watch as they fossick for food, turning circles in the bark and dirt. Making a mess. And a noise!
Speaking of mess, I saw a blackbird yesterday so I guess they will be adding to the untidiness from here on in. I also observed a willy wagtail as he enjoyed a wash and a drink in the birdbath. And I heard a kookaburra!
The spotted turtledoves know when it is Monty's tea time. They sit on the back fence, waiting for me to scatter his biscuits on the lawn, and then they join him on a hunt-and-peck exercise. At a safe distance, of course.
Two welcome swallows are scoping out our carport as a potential dwelling. They don't seem to be bothered by us, and rather like using the car roof as a toilet.
We are also lucky enough to regularly see rainbow lorikeets, eastern rosellas and (I think) musk lorikeets as they cruise the suburbs. Less glamorous, but more common, are the starlings.
A few years' back I saw a collared sparrowhawk attacking a dove. It wasn't all that uplifting, but that's nature I guess.
Birds are cool.

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