Friday, July 2, 2010

Aah, sweet Friday...

Adelaide is in the grip of a very, very cold spell. Even when the sun is shining, it's not getting much warmer. It feels like old Sol is every inch of his 93 million miles away. And when there's no sun, it's even colder. So look out.
Not that anyone should be too surprised by this weather. It is the middle of winter, after all.
The sun was providing illumination, if not much warmth, when I left my house on Friday and walked into the city. I was suitably attired, so the journey in was quite an enjoyable experience, despite the freshness. Sunshine tends to make everything better. Except the wings of Icarus, I guess.
As I walked through the parklands, I was entertained by the swooping and diving welcome swallows, flying directly at me before darting off in another direction at the last second. I'm not sure if they wanted a fight, or thought I was going to feed them, or were perhaps just ensuring that I passed safely and responsibly through their home.
I had a lovely lunch at Citi Zen, an entree of battered tempura-style vegetables followed by a spicy fried tofu dish. Despite tofu being essentially tasteless (how did it ever get to be a food?) the main course was surprisingly delightful.
I enjoyed good conversation with my mate John, as we slurped down a bottle of pino grigio while lamenting the shortcomings of the England football team.
We followed up lunch with a few pints of Guinness across the road at The Brecknock, ensuring the afternoon ended on a (slightly blurry) high note.
I walked home, traversing the same route by which I'd made my inward journey. It must have been tea time for the birds though, because there wasn't a swallow in sight.

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