Sunday, July 4, 2010

Getting closer.

The joys (such that they are) of planning for an overseas trip are, these days, the domain of the common man and woman. No longer do people have to make semi-ignorant, on-the-spot decisions regarding their holidays while being subjected to the sterile, soulless environment of the travel agent. Ordinary folk are now equipped to do as good a job planning their journey as were the professionals of the last decade. The internet, and cheap international call rates have enabled people to be their own travel agent, if they don't mind doing the work.
Plane tickets. Check. Accommodation. Check. Tickets for Wembley. Check. Relatives and friends contacted (and warned). Check. Insurance. Check. Foreign currency sorted. Check. Plane seat allocation. Check. National Express. Check. Passports in order. Check. Rugby tickets. Check. Mobile phone enabled. Check. Train tickets. Check.
The more you get organised beforehand, the easier the trip. That's Burke's Law.

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