Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blue turns to grey.

When I (finally) arose this morning, I was greeted by a most fantastic day. It was warmish, and the entire sky was a beautiful springtime blue. The prediction was for ugly weather, so the morning sun was an unexpected, and most welcome, treat. I celebrated by mowing the lawns - it's the last haircut they'll be getting for a month or so.
The forecast wasn't great; I stayed outside making the most of the faux spring for as long as I could, pottering around, meditating on all manner of things, before indoor tasks demanded my attention.
The grey clouds have now crept over, the wind is getting up and, I suspect, the rain is on the way. C'est la vie - it is winter after all.
I am reminded of a little poem I wrote a few years back:

Bleak, grey canopy
The storm clouds conspire to hide
Their silver lining

Copyright © David Robinson 2002


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