Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's not so much that things are cheaper across the board here, nor are they always better quality. It's the availability of specific brands and products that makes shopping in England a worthwhile pursuit for the Anglophile. I went shopping in Derby on Tuesday. Fred Perrys were £35 in the market. They are well into three figures in Australia. I didn't buy any though, as I don't really like the fit of the 'Made in China' versions. I haven't seen any 'Made in England' Freds yet – I wonder if they still make them here? I did buy a pair of Gola trainers. They are hardly seen in Australia, and the last time I did spy a pair in Adelaide they were 'on sale' at $125. My new pair cost me 15 quid. I also bought a Gola sports bag for seven pounds (try $80 in Adelaide). I grabbed a couple of groovy t-shirts and a polo as well, as my travel wardrobe needed expanding.

I can't do too much shopping though, as the luggage allowances seem to be a lot more stringent these days. 20 kg max. Boo!

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