Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thinking of England

It won't be very long at all now. The wait is almost over. By this time next week we will have already visited Hull, York, Rudston and Bridlington. Some say that it is grim up north but I don't see it that way. Friends and family, a sense of history and, if the summer weather holds, some lovely days spent drinking beer in the sun.
I will be happy to get the grind of the long haul flight out of the way; this necessary evil can be a bit of a pain in the arsenal but I guess it's not too bad. As long as my fellow passengers maintain a moderate sense of decorum and an acceptable level of hygiene, I will be happy enough. I usually just settle in, order a drink and amuse myself with any one of my gadgets. Sometimes I even manage to sleep. Sometimes.

England, here we come!

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