Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keep on walking

We went for a walk to Ambergate on Wednesday. We took a very roundabout and scenic route on our outward journey, walking up to the highest point we could see, near Handley Wood. The views were brilliant, the best yet. We shared fields with cows, horses and sheep, but we gave the young bulls as wide a berth as we could. The map book provided pretty good information but we still got a little confused getting out of Handleywood Farm. It was all good fun, and we didn't get shot by an angry farmer.

We stopped at the Hurt Arms in Ambergate for a welcome pint of Spitfire and some deep fried heart-attack food, and came back along a much more direct route. It was about a million times better than spending hours fooling ourselves that working in an office is either healthy or of any consequence.

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