Monday, July 26, 2010


Our first weekend in Belper provided an opportunity to stop and draw breath, to some extent. I was pretty knackered after my Thursday and Friday exertions, so I was more than ready for a couple of days of doing almost nothing. On Saturday morning we walked down into the town and got a few chores done. Then we went to the rather wonderful Fresh Basil and bought provisions for lunch. Some cheeses – Stilton, Brie and a spicy one called 'red devil', as well as some green olives stuffed with chilli and garlic. We had a lovely al fresco lunch back at the house. We hoovered up most of the food and washed it down with a nice cold shandy. I spent the afternoon and evening happily doing nothing. Drinking wine, reading newspapers, nothing...

On Sunday we went for a walk to The Dead Poets' Inn at Holbrook, via the fields. We wanted to check out one of the sections we walked on Friday as we felt that we might have missed a turn. Sure enough, we found the well-hidden footbridge and made our way to the pub along a different route. On the way home we stopped at the White Hart in Bargate. Why? Because it was there.
Apart from the trip to the pubs, Sunday was as restful as a Sunday ought to be. And not before time.

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