Friday, July 23, 2010

Open mic is alright!

It's a funny feeling walking into a brand new venue, far from home, and there's just the two of you...
We arrived at Sadler Gate after enjoying an evening meal at the Standing Order. I had nachos, Lynn had noodles. Comfort food. Then it was a short walk down to the venue. The Big Blue Coffee Company was a pretty easygoing place; we bought some drinks and waited for our two friends to arrive.
I was happy to meet Ian, the chap who runs the venue, and it seemed like I'd get to play a few songs. He also organised for me to borrow a guitar. Marc, a member of Willowstree, let me use his Ovation Applause so I was sorted without any carry on.
I played three numbers to the small but appreciative crowd - Shining Light (the Facebook song), Wish I Was You, and Say Goodbye. Great fun.
We stuck around for Willowstree, and also for Vanessa Vale. Both were great, and if I lived closer I'd be going again. Before we left I purchased a copy of the Derby Singer Songwriters Club's latest compilation CD, and I gave Ian a copy of SCALA News. Then it was off to Derby's oldest pub, The Dolphin, for a celebratory pint. Wahoo!


  1. AWESOME! I think Derby just got ROCKED! Nice work mate.

  2. Nice one sunshine.

    Anonymous Bob.

  3. That's not the "Stark Raving Mod" T-Shirt is it? Adriana and Winston will be rapt!

  4. It is the SRM t-shirt! Shame the other acts' songlist was stuck to the mike stand. I have some video though so when I get home I will see if I can pull a better image of the shirt. And wait 'til I get to Carnaby Street next week! Ariana and Winston should see their shirt in all its glory...
    By the way, do we know each other?

  5. Hi David,

    No, we haven't met. I used to play in some bands in Sydney in the eighties and shared rehearsal / floor space / education space with some of the Mods. One of my best friends, Desiree, used to share a house with Winston and Ben. I'm also a lover of all things Rickenbacker and Vox :)

    The Mod activity in Sydney has been up this year with the May Day and the book launch so some self-imposed research let me stumble upon your blog. It's been a great read! It's always good to get an Adelaide perspective :)

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!