Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grit 'n' Soul

On Friday night we went out with friends to see a sixties-flavoured soul band. My kind of stuff. The gig was held at the Rolls-Royce Pavillion, which was a nice place to relax after a hard week of non-work. The band was called 'Godfrey's Grit 'n' Soul Band' and they played a load of soul classics, as well as tunes made famous by The Kinks, The Beatles and the like. All very enjoyable. The hard-working DJ was great too, sticking faithfully to popular soul tracks all night. I was having Quadrophenia flashbacks with just about every song...
One solitary chap danced all night, giving it some of the northern soul soft-shoe shufflle. He was occasionally joined by others, especially once the drink had kicked in.
The music was great, the ale was both tasty and healthy, and the evening ended too soon. We went home happy, and it was great to hear some live music done well.


  1. I think you'll find that it was I who was that 'solitary chap', David!

    They're still going strong but - as you will see at the latest 'Bananas For Breakfast' Blog post as I write on 5th December 2021 - I had to miss out on a gig going on today with all this COVID business, much as I'd loved to have been there. As you will see, I do have a pretty legitimate reason.

    Never mind, at least I managed the last one in early September in Darley Park, being an outdoor event, where I got congratulated by the Mayor of Derby for the dancing!

    1. Hi Christopher; we had a great night that evening back in 2010 - hard to believe it was that long ago. Your dancing was a highlight! Looking forward to getting back over to Derby, once some form of normality emerges...